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Engineering of resin-made reducer

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technology & development

We will support you, providing you with our customized design services such as preparing optimal proposals and verification.

Design Engineering

Our optimal gear design achieves the high performance of the differential planetary mechanism. And, we can offer you our customized design services for not only the standard lineup DD4830 but also the other reducers and gears.

Evaluation/Analysis Technology

Conducting the motion analysis that measures the torque fluctuations, we can predict the transmission efficiency of the reducer unit. In addition, we have the performance evaluation devices and endurance testing machines. We aim to become your best and irreplaceable partner in order to shorten your development time and improve your performance.

Material Engineering

Using our unique S-Bear® that is self-lubricating, we can eliminate the grease seals and it contributes to reducing the torque loss (energy-saving) in light load zone. And, we compatibly achieve the reduction of the environmental load and maintenance-free, reducing a large amount of the grease use and attaining a longer-life than the general resins.

Why do we use resin?

The greatest advantage of resinification is the lightness. We can reduce more than half of the weight compared to the metals and lightness also provides the following benefits: -reducing the resistance and inertia=energy-saving -reducing the impact received=improving safety And, the resin creates more benefits such as flexibility in shape and high efficiency.
Although the metals are stronger than resin in the other areas such as mechanical strength, Starlite has accumulated knowledge of the Tribology and can maximize the benefit of the resin.

*Tribology is the academic field that studies friction, wear and lubrication.

What is the resin-made reducer that achieves maintenance-free?

Starlite lines up S-Bear®, a motion engineering resin material that applies tribology as its core technology.
S-Bear® offers you the lineup above the series 10/grade 40 and we have fulfilled the resinification needs of the market by attaining the life prolongation, eliminating the grease and reducing the noise for the plastic gears; and for the plastic bearings, by achieving the low wear and low friction.This is a material created by Starlite’s material and evaluation analysis technology.
It will achieve a life prolongation under poor lubrication environment and get rid of the maintenance attributable to grease for the resin-made reducer.
Starlite’s resin-made reducer is full of the resin technology that broadens the options and the possibility of the reducer.

We challenge for solving the social problems with our cutting-edge motion engineering.Automation reimagines the future.

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